Last May Adam Fischer and the Danish Chamber Orchestra presented their new recording of all Beethoven symphonies in Copenhagen. With Beethoven 4 they then went on a concert tour to the Wiener Musikverein, the Musikverein in Graz, the Budapest Liszt Academy and Maribor and took their audience in each town by storm. Read the fantastic CD reviews:

„I was blown away by this set“

“The strings are on fire, the timpani are athletes. This is as live and alert as any Beethoven symphonies I have heard”

(BBC3, Kate Molleson)

"My #BeethovenOdyssey has so far covered 134 conductors and 1098 symphonies across 730 hours. This cycle has enthralled, surprised and delighted me as much as anything I've heard."

(The Symphonist @deeplyclassical)

I'm confident that even if you know these symphonies extremely well and already have several recordings, you'll still find plenty here to enthral, delight, and beguile you.

(Presto Classical, James Longstaffe)

„Mit Kompromisslosigkeit und Risikobereitschaft setzen Dirigent Adam Fischer und das Dänische Kammerorchester Maßstäbe.“

„Beethoven klingt hier jung, hungrig, aufrührerisch und ungemein dicht.“

„Eine klare Empfehlung im Jahr vor dem 250. Geburtstag des Komponisten.“

(Deutschlandfunk, Christoph Vratz)