The Joseph Haydn Prize of the Eisensadt Conservatory was awarded for the first time at the end of October 2021, honoring Adam Fischer, the founder of the Austro-Hungarian Haydn Philharmonic, for his life's work. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the conservatory, its managing director Mag. Franz Steindl and director Prof. Mag. Tibor Nemeth invited to a ceremony. In this context, Provincial Governor for Cultural Affairs Hans Peter Doskozil presented the "Joseph Haydn Prize of the Haydn Conservatory". The laudation was given by Prof. Mag. Martin Bramböck, Head of the Dean's Office for Instrumental Studies at the Joseph Haydn Conservatory and longtime horn player in the Austro-Hungarian Haydn Philharmonic. With his very personal In his speech, in which he revealed anecdotes about the maestro collected over the years, he delighted Adam Fischer. "I feel extremely honored. Nevertheless, I have to say that I hope that there are many more works ahead of me in my life!" says Fischer.